From my buddy, Eli at Helmet House, here’s a link to a Shell commercial shown in Europe.  Ostensibly, they’re selling gasoline, but the cars used in the video steal the show.

Ferrari pulled several of their race cars from various ages out of storage, flew them around the world, and filmed them running through the streets of Rome, Rio, New York, Hong Kong, Honolulu, and Monaco.  No computer graphics—these are the original cars on the original streets.  The best part is the sound.

Possibly one of the greatest commercials of all times, thanks Eli. – GT

Circuit is a stunning display of Ferrari race cars over the decades. Watch five different Ferrari Formula One cars dating back to 1952, take to the streets of Rome, New York, Rio, Hong Kong and Monaco in a celebration of the ongoing Shell and Ferrari technical partnership – which develops and tests premium products like Shell V-Power with the sole purpose of transferring that technology to the road.

All filmed using professional drivers on closed roads.

Uploaded with permission from Shell Photographic Services (