For a while now the Petter Solberg World Rally Team has had in its schedule to attend the Pikes Peak Hill Climb at Colorado in June 2011. With a self-constructed vehicle Petter Solberg was aiming to be the first driver to reach the Peak using under 10 minutes. Unfortunately a tight calendar forces the team to cancel this years attendance, and instead look ahead to be there in 2012.

Petter Solberg reschedules Pikes Peak project for 2012.

I really really wanted to be there this year, explains Petter Solberg. – However, I think we have made the correct decision and regrettably not go there in June. When we go there, we have one aim and that is to be the fastest. To be fastest we need to have everything else at 110% in shape. Since we decided to join, we have taken on several other projects, this has left us with less time to focus on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb project. Pikes Peak – we will be there in 2012!