After an eventful drive to Wendover the night before, we awoke around 9 a.m.  We called Chad Newman and setup a time to meet for breakfast.  The Salt Flats Café has to be my favorite spot for breakfast in Wendover with its Mexican style breakfast.  The menu is short and simple and the total bill is a rounded number that the hostess decides upon.  The café is wallpapered with photos from years of racing on the salt flats, memories can be read on the walls from drivers and support crews.

Before heading to the Salt, we sprayed our vehicles down with a solvent to make cleaning easier later, I thought Chad Newman was pulling a fast one on me, waiting for my car to turn green or something to the like.  Not that there’s any ongoing practical jokes between us…

The drive to the flats is down a two lane road, salt can be seen on either side, with out other cars on the road it seems like a desolate journey.  The road comes to an end, where we met a few officials that point us onto the salt.  There are no designated lanes on the salt, just a few traffic pylons that say keep right, and speed limit signs of 50mph.  Miles on the salt we roll upon Tech and Registration.  Cars of all types are lined up ready for inspection.

 Greg Tracy’s Hayabusa Tuned by Chad Newman of Area 51 Motorsportsbike (Custom)

 Brocks Rocket inline 8bullet (Custom)

bike 4 (Custom)

 DSC_1117 (Custom)

DSC_1092 (Custom)

 DSC_1103 (Custom)

DSC_1175 (Custom)

 225 mph Galant VR-4 Untitled_HDR4 (Custom)



DSC_1223 (Custom)

DSC_1169 (Custom)

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