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Bobby Goodin Pikes Peak Motorcycle Safety Fund Created To Assist In Making Pikes Peak Safer For Bikes

Colorado Springs, July 2———–The family of motorcycle rider Bobby Goodin and the Board of Directors of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb have come together to honor the memory of Goodin, who was killed during the race on Sunday, June 29, after crossing the finish line and finishing fourth at the Summit of Pikes Peak.

The Goodin family was insistent that monies from the fund be primarily used for the sole purpose of increasing safety on the 12.42 mile course that features 156 challenging turns and rises from the 9,390 ft. starting line to the 14,115 ft. finish line at the Summit of Pikes Peak.

Donations to the Bobby Goodin Pikes Peak Motorcycle Safety Fund will be directed to enhance the ongoing efforts to create greater course safety for all motorcycle competitors and compliment the aggressive efforts by the organizers of the world’s most difficult hill climb and the nation’s second-oldest motor sports race to ensure that all competitors know that their safety is the top priority of the race.

The PPIHC has established this fund to help ensure the financial security of his two daughters, Jacquelyn, 26, and Melissa, 23. It is also important to Jacquelyn and Melissa that motorcycle safety on Pikes Peak continue to improve. A portion of the funds raised will be donated back to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb by Jacquelyn and Melissa and it will go toward continued motorcycle safety efforts on Pikes Peak.

Goodin lived in Flower Mound, TX, and was making his second appearance at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb when the tragedy occurred. He took third place in 2013 in the 1205 Pro Motorcycle Class.

“Despite the emotional strain and grief on the part of Bobby Goodin’s family, friends and crew, each of them has been clear that they want the donations to this special fund to go to improved safety for all motorcycle riders,” said Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Chairman of the Board Tom Osborne.”

“All of us who are proud of this unique event are sharing in the grief and sadness over the loss of a tremendous competitor who came to Pikes Peak determined to win, but lost his life in the process. We continue to mourn his untimely loss, and will work with his wonderful family to create systems that produce maximum safety for all motorcycle riders who come to Colorado Springs to challenge America’s Mountain.”

“Bobby Goodin was a talented man who loved the sport of motorcycle racing. While he was fully aware of the risks that make Pikes Peak what it is, he loved ever moment of the two years he competed on the mountain. He was fascinated and drawn to its uniqueness,” said Goodin’s manager Kevin Brunson.

“We talked frequently about how Pike’s Peak bonds it’s competitors together,” said Brunson.They are all people who know by the end of the practice week that this mountain is so beautiful, yet so unforgiving. The Goodin family is certain Bobby would want Pikes Peak to remain the pinnacle of racing that he thought it is, and keeping the motorcycle racer’s as a safe as possible is something he would be proud of his daughters for doing.”

“Our friend Bobby knew the joy of finishing and competing well, and that will bring all of us comfort as we deal with his loss,” Brunson said in a statement. “Even though many might consider this a tragic day with a needless death, those lucky enough to compete at Pikes Peak on a day like (Sunday) knows even (Sunday) was a wonderful celebration of life for every competitor.

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If you wish to make a donation to the Bobby Goodin Pikes Peak Motorcycle Fund, Please Use This Link, and Thank You!