Who knew?  Bentley racing on an ice course to set a new world record. Here are two videos, the first (above) that is the obvious commercial for the record setting run and the second (below) from Reuters. The first is shot by Al Clark for Bentley Motors in Finland.

Finnish rally driver Juha Kankkunen likes to drive fast…really fast, which is why he was sitting behind the wheel of a heavily reinforced, six litre, 12 cylinder Bentley convertible on a track made of ice. Kankkunen set the world speed record on ice in 2007 with a speed of 321.6 kmh, but here on the fifteen kilometre long track built on Finland’s frozen Baltic Sea, he wanted to better it, using bioethanol for fuel.

For Bentley it was a chance to demonstrate that biofuel can perform just as as effectively as conventional fuel. The four wheel drive Bentley had no problem. With the required two separate runs in opposite directions complete, officials were able to confirm that Kankkunen and the environmentally-friendly Bentley had hit a top speed of 330.695 kilometres per hour, setting a new world record. Rob Muir, Reuters.