Audi RS “Moments of Truth” is a series of highly stylized, dynamic short-form documentaries that capture a moment in time — visual, visceral proof of the impact that technological innovation and risk-taking has had, on performance in a highly competitive world.

This film tells the story of the legendary longitudinally mounted Audi 5-cylinder racing engine used in the IMSA/GTO circuit in 1989 at Sears Point. Audi driver Hans-Joachim Stuck focuses on the moment when this fire-breathing, aggressive five cylinder, with its characteristic waste-plate turbo growl, ushered the Audi team to victory. The piece then links the motor sports moment of truth, to a story of modern-day design and engine innovation in the 5 cylinder, lurking beneath the hood of the TT RS and unavailable in the standard TT.  Quattro GmbH engineer Michael Ganz brings to life the visual technological advancements of the 5 cylinder engine at the Quattro GmbH engine test bed, and through specific dynamic track footage of the TT RS.

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