The Audi Quattro Pikes Peak S1 is one of the most recognizable cars to have ever climbed Pikes Peak.  It has a rich history on the mountain and was very ahead of its time.  Before the Audi quattro set foot on Pikes Peak,  all-wheel drive was almost unheard of.  The car surprised everyone who watched, and competed against it because no one had ever seen (or heard) anything like it.  Audi won, and set a new record three years in a row.  The stellar driver line up included: Michèle Mouton in 1985, Bobby Unser in 1986,  and Walter Röhrl in 1987.

If Audi had never come to Pikes Peak and started the competition with Peugeot and it’s 405 T16,  it may have taken longer for all-wheel drive cars to become a dominant force on the mountain.  Even though the Open Wheel cars and Super Stock Cars remained fast using two-wheel drive, they were no match for the grip and balance of all-wheel drive, and lightweight turbocharged engines.  Everyone should thank Audi and it’s quattro for the records that are waiting to fall on June 26th.

Check out this video of German rally driver Harald Demuth piloting one of the old Pikes Peak quattro’s at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2009:  Audi Quatro Pikes Peak S1 Listen to that Noise!

The very same driver just happens to be competing in the hill climb’s time attack this year in a Seat Leon Supercopa.  Which is an ex-World Touring Car Championship race car.

I’ll let everyone else create their own opinion, but Harald seems to have a great starting point to set a incredibly fast time. – Colin Brandt