Race day on Pikes Peak means something different to everyone.  From the brave souls making their way from the start to the summit, over 12.42 miles of pavement and dirt around 156 dangerous curves, to the family members anxiously awaiting confirmation that their loved one have crossed the finish line safely, the emotions run as high as the altitude.  And one can never forget the ever changing moods of the mountain herself!

I’ve had the chance to experience all of the glory of race day from the pits 3 times over the years and I doubt I’ll ever tire of the atmosphere!  The diversity among the racers is always interesting – rookies, seasoned racers, teenagers, men, women, locals & those who have traveled half way around the world.  Some compete for records while others are there simply to prove they have the courage to take on the challenge.  The “rides” vary almost as much as the competitors themselves!  Take a stroll through the trees on race day and you’ll see vintage cars and motorcycles, custom unlimited cars, sidecars, quads, UTVs, stock cars, electric cars and motorcycles,  trucks, and maybe even a Freightliner.

For me, race day means one thing – opportunity.  I love photography and racing…Pikes Peak is the one of the best places to merge the two!  This year I met some great guys with the same passion for motorsports and photography.  I learned a lot throughout the week and I had a blast trying for that perfect shot!   Thanks again to my friends at My Life @ Speed for inviting me to be a part of such an awe inspiring event and for the opportunity to spend a week doing something I love!

It’s always hard to pick my favorite pictures since there are so many cool things to see but here’s a sample of my photos from race day…

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