The 2012 100 Acre Wood Rally was full of excitement.  Ken Block piloted the Ford Fiesta HFHV to a 6th consecutive win in the Missouri Woods.  Not only was the 6th win special, but it was the debut event for the car in its stage rally set-up.  This same exact car will compete in the Global Rally Cross championship events later this year.  While Ken debuted his car, there was plenty of other hype to go around.  For the past few years, the event has been very cold, and somewhat snowy.  This was not the case for the 2012 running.  The temps were mild, the roads were dry, and very fast.  Before the event began, there were many drivers and teams who were being considered for the podium spot.

David Higgins and Subaru Rally Team USA put up a great fight the whole weekend, finishing second overall to Ken and the Monster World Rally Team.  This is even more impressive when you consider that Ken’s car is actually based off of a WRC M-sport fiesta.

Krzysztof Holowczyc, a three time Polish rally champion, and former WRC driver came to America for the event, driving Art Gruszka’s Mitsubishi Evolution.  Krzysztof drove like the pro he is, and finished in the last podium spot.

Podium favorite, and 2010 North American Rally Champion Antoine L’Estage had a rough weekend, blowing the transmission on Stage Four.  Antoine was disappointed, but this amazing privateer Mitsubishi team never gives up.  Anyone can bet on them to be a podium finisher at the Oregon Trail Rally come May.

Check out the great highlight video from Rally America, and other well put together highlight clips below.  There really is no substitute for being at an event, but these videos showcase the high speed, dust, carnage, and sound of the 2012 100 Acre Wood Rally quite well.  Enjoy 😉