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Our Gang Ice Racing

Winter in Colorado.  Me?  I’m coming off a couple surgeries and starting to get a little cabin fever.  So one Saturday, I decide that I need to get out and get to work on my rehab program, what do I do?  A walk around a park on a nice sunny day here in town? Not no, hell no..  I pack up my gear and head up the hill to the lake in Georgetown, Colorado and catch a little ice racing with Our Gang Racing.

With the cold, wind and the lack physical conditioning that day, I wasn’t able to last as long as I would have wished, but it felt really good to get out move around and get some shooting in.

Here are some of my favorite shots.

Frozen lake, racing Jeep..  Can't think of a better place or time to learn to drive.
Frozen lake, racing Jeep.. Can’t think of a better place or time to learn to drive.



A little Evo love…

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Written by Rick Beets

Rick Beets

From early on I was always bombing around the neighborhood on some kind of home built go kart or minibike. So working on motors and bikes came naturally. As well as things electronic or technical. I was also an avid skier and instructor. If I can make something go fast by either propulsion or gravity, I am in. Yes, I freely admit to being a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

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